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Founder Wolf F. Gössel was born in the heart of Berlin in 1985 and grew up in the tranquil south of today's state capital. ​

As his consciousness developed, his enthusiasm for creative topics, communication, psychology, music, film and entrepreneurship grew steadily.


From 2005 to 2007, as a career changer, he successfully built up the sponsor and participant acquisition department of a Berlin startup (B2B events) and consistently produced six-figure sales (€). ​​

At the age of 22, Wolf founded his first startup (B2B events) in 2007 (in a 2-room attic) and specialized in the following thematic areas: M&A, Legal, Real Estate, Finance and Compliance.

Target clientele: The leading legal firms, management consultancies, auditing firms, service companies as well as upper middle class and listed companies (across sectors) from the D/A/CH area. ​​

In the first year as a one-man show, he was also responsible for the following areas: Marketing & Sales, Programming & Design, topic finding & Research, speaker, participant and sponsor acquisition & Customer discovery, event planning, event execution & Organization, aftersales support as well as accounting and operating the fully automatic coffee machine. ​​

In 2010, Wolf helped a former employee start a PR agency that is still successful in the German market and has always been a member of the DJU (German Union of Journalists - Ver.di). ​​

In 2012 he completed the expertise test in accordance with Section 34a Paragraph 1 Sentence 5 of the Trade Code in order to pursue another venture (security concepts). ​

At the height of his self-realization, Wolf was the managing partner of two independently operating corporations and, with his employees, generated sales in the multi-digit million range (€). ​​

In 2013, an unplanned change of course occurred.


He took it sportily, traveled the world, reflected on what had happened, his life and himself, took a deep breath and marched on.


In the years that followed, he primarily devoted himself to smaller projects and supported other people in realizing their respective projects. ​


In winter 2021, Wolf pooled his experiences, skills and interests and initiated the realization of whitepitch as the basis for PIXEL METH and welebrity (2024).

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